Friday, July 1, 2011

Ben Spies Impatient Want to Try Mugello

Spies want to try the Mugello track which is now just covered.

Yamaha rider Ben Spies could not stay long to enjoy his first victory in MotoGP. After becoming champion in Assen, the Netherlands, Spies had to prepare for the Italian GP.

Day Friday, July 1, 2011, practice session at Mugello will be held. But Spies actually turns quickly to speeding on his Yamaha M1 again.

"A few days later it was running very slow. When you get results like in Assen, you definitely want to go down on the track again," said Spies.

Spies was his first win last Saturday in Assen is still a strong inherent in his memory. Moreover, the achievement was gained on the 50th anniversary gait Yamaha in Grand Prix racing.

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