Thursday, March 31, 2011


It all started one day when I had nothing to do - no job yet, no activities, no one texting or calling.

And so I grabbed my pen and notebook and scribbled some ideas. What to write? How to call them... And then I made outlines and drafts. Wow! I never thought I would have my writing self awakened again. I love a lot of things. From movies, travel, food, guys, girls, sports and a whole bunch of stuff. It was early 2009 since I last wrote and it was August 2010 when I got back into writing.

And how time really flies. It has been 8 months already since I started writing once more. And my blog has somehow become a regular fixture in my daily life. I thank all the people who continuously read on my blog and share their thoughts. My initial plan was just have something to put my random ramblings of the mind. I did not think of this to be something that could reach people from different places. Surprisingly I have readers from all across the globe - representing different culture, personalities, age, gender and sexual preferences.

To my readers, thanks a lot! Keep on reading and I'll be more than willing to continue writing for you.

Photo: Resorts World Manila

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