Friday, September 26, 2008

Sew, a needle pulling thread

I have been thinking a lot of about sewing this week. It started with this post by Stephanie. Then came Courtney's post. Finally, today, Anna Maria posted this.

image from flickr r.black67

There is such beauty and inspiration in the pieces that go into sewing: the notions, the tissue paper patterns, and the fabrics. When I was younger, I loved tagging along with my mom to the fabric shop where I happily wandered the aisles and gazed at the embroidery floss, the threads, and the buttons. I would glance through pattern books and dream of creations to make and wear. And, of course, I would weave my way through the fabrics, touching and examining their beauty.

While my tastes have evolved and I would probably not reach for the same fabrics as I did then, the feeling and inspiration I get while in a fabric shop is still the same.

Photo at Etsy shop craftyfolk

Embroidery Floss at Etsy shop beckandcallgirl

Embroidery Floss at Etsy shop beckandcallgirl

Embroidery Floss at Esty shop TRUECOLORSFORYOU

All of these images and the aforementioned posts have me wondering if it is time to break out the sewing machine and embark on a new project!

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