Thursday, September 11, 2008


To blog. Not to blog. That's been a question for me today. Take a day for silence? If yes, tell people I was doing so? Commemorate the day? Blog like normal?

I have debated this all day in my mind. I suppose the answer is for me to say this...

The events that took place 7 years ago changed many peoples lives that day, and in ways, has changed all of our lives since. Changed world views. Changed security measures. Changed.

On Sept. 11, I couldn't have fathomed the ways that it would change my future life. A brother who felt the calling of country before self. A friend and future husband who'd answered the same.

On that day, I would never have guessed. And today, they are both, thankfully, home safe.

While my husband and I now face a future where deployment is unlikely in our lives, there are still many of our friends, and beyond that many families, for whom deployments will remain a part of normal life.

For them and for all the lives that have changed, today, I remember.

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