Thursday, April 28, 2011


Name: Ewa Swiatko

Age: 25 | Height: 5’7″ | Montreal, QC

Energetic, approachable and friendly are only a few words to describe the kind of person Ewa is. She is always looking to help others and cares about their wellbeing, sometimes even more than her own.

Her love for travel enabled her move to Eastern Europe as a teenager where she was then given the opportunity to experience a different culture and life.

She received her degree in Geography, then moved back to Canada and graduated in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing. She wishes to continue her studies at Concordia University pursuing Communication Studies to one day host her own travel television show.

She has an incredible amount of passion for extreme sports and loves to live life “on the edge”. One of her favourite’s is to skydive and is now planning on becoming a certified solo jumper this year to show others that we can achieve anything we want to.

Other hobbies of hers include, dancing, singing, reading and most importantly spending as much time as possible with her family.

Ewa feels she is truly blessed to be in the MUC pageant. She hopes it will give her the opportunity to be more involved in humanitarian organizations, through which she can then be of help to less fortunate people. Ewa believes that we all deserve a chance in pursuing our dreams.

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