Thursday, October 28, 2010

Men of Style!

You know them, we love them & their style. The world famous Guncles from Tori & Dean's Home Sweet Hollywood has now made another name for themselves - oh so stylish men! We were beyond excited to sit down and chat with them about their style and so sweet Simone


We do think you both have great style! Do you choose your clothes or do you have a stylist ? (or maybe Tori helps along the way...LOL) 

Thanks! We choose our own clothes - With our favorite finds coming from H&M and inexpensive vintage shops in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. (Although we'd LOVE to have a stylist someday!)

What does every guy need to have in their closet?

Every guy needs Vans in their closet in all styles and colors. We wear them to events and dinners as well as everyday life.

Do you have a skincare routine? Products you can be without? 

Actually yes! We use the "Perfect Skin" line from the Kardashian's... 

How would you describe your style? What would you say is different about each others style?

Bill's style is a vintage tshirt, jeans. Scout's is a go-to black tshirt or v-neck, jeans or military style pants (because a busy dad needs all of those pockets!)

Where is your all time favorite place to shop?

Our all time favorite place to shop is the Goodwill and Salvation Army where Scout's mom lives in Pennsylvania. The tshirts we buy there for $1.00 would be $70-100 in a boutique in Los Angeles.

Your precious little Simone is uber-stylish herself. What are you favorite things to put her in? Favorite brands? 

Simone is our little fashionista in training. For casual, we love to dress her in L'ovedbaby - their clothes are super soft and cozy. We also love H&M Kids and the vintage pieces her Aunt & Godmother Tori buys for her.

How has your life changed since Simone? 

Well for starters, we're so beyond super happy! We've always dreamed of becoming dads and so it feels natural for us to be parents.

My girls happen to have a fabulous Guncle. Did you ever think you would be so well known for that title you both hold? Did Tori come up with that title? We love it! 

Tori did. We love that we can show people that our family is just like theirs. Our fans give us big hugs when we see them out and about and we enjoy meeting everyone so much!

What upcoming projects can we look forward too? Can we hope for a "Guncle" reality show on your life because that would be amazing! 

We would absolutely love to do a Guncle spin-off show (wink, wink!!) Don't forget to keep up with everything "Guncle" by visiting our website!!!!!

{ALL} things Guncle! 
{scout on twitter}
{bill on twiter)

Stay tuned for them on the next season of 
Tori & Dean's Home Sweet Hollywood! 
We just adore those Guncles! 

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