Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sweet Melissa Sundays - Double Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookies

Double Dark Chocolate cookies sound intense, beyond the expected flavors of a basic cookie recipe. Sweet Melissa Baking Book has given a new meaning to whipping up a quick batch of cookies. Dried tart cherries, cocoa, and chips combine to create an explosion of fun flavor. Cherries and chocolate together in a cookie did not fit into my thought process. I love chocolate covered cherries but in a cookie?

My stash of horded ingredients included a small packet of dried tart cherries, double dark cocoa from King Arthur flour, and Callebaut white chocolate chunks. Too much dark chocolate and I would be left with all the cookies to eat. Since I am trying to behave myself lately, modifying the recipe slightly by altering the dark chocolate to white chocolate was in order.

Those available to nibble loved the cookie and the rest will go to work with me tomorrow and shared. There is nothing worse then a stale cookie in the house along with the guilt that goes with the stale cookie. Freezing leftovers is such an easy concept and I finally have myself trained to label and date bags before filling.

Thank you goes to Megan of My Baking Adventure for choosing this week's recipe. The hardest part to this short recipe was the chilling time. About 3 hours total before the baking process could begin. To see the rest of the baker's cookies, go here. You can go to Megan's website for the recipe by clicking on this My Baking Adventure link.

P.S. ~ When I took the cookie dough logs out of the refrigerator to cut and bake, I was shocked at just how dark the cookie dough was. My cocoa from King Arthur Flour had something to do with the color too. The cocoa has intense flavor and dark color.

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