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Featured cupcakeMAG Approved Site -- Project Nursery!

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We just recently launched our Site | Love where we feature the cupcakeMAG approved bloggers and sites we are daily checking and just loving. Our latest obsession is Project Nursery & we have just been dying to share our chat with Founder and Contributing Editor, Pam! Oh, how we love them and their beautiful filled-with-eye-candy site. 

{The site is so successful! We love it! How was Project Nursery born?}

Melisa and I have always had a passion for design. When we both lived in NYC we loved sharing ideas and inspiration and when we began to start families we started focusing on the nursery. we were surprised that there was really no place online to search for good design ideas for the nursery. Project Nursery started as a way for Melisa and I to keep all the resources and ideas we were collecting and then share it with others that were as obsessed as we are. 

{Do you have a favorite room featured on the site?}

There are so many fantastic rooms in our photo gallery its hard to pick just one. I've been very drawn to white, black and yellow these days. One of our readers uploaded pictures of their son's nursery, Max's Nursery, that has really caught my eye. The bold yellow and white stripes on the ceiling and black accent wall are so chic and fresh to me. I also like what Melisa has done in her son Chase's Nursery

{Max's Nursery}
{chase's nursery}
{Where do you shop for your own home?}

I love to mix it up. High end to vintage to inexpensive. You can find great things in all price ranges.  I have my go to sources like West Elm and Jonathan Adler and a few online favorites like ballarddesigns.cominsideavenue.com and of course good ole ebay! I also love to support small local shops. A favorite is Period George on Clement Street in San Francisco. 

{What is your personal favorite design tip?}

Start with a significant design element in the room as your source of inspiration and work from it to design the rest of the space. It can be the rug, an accent wall or a great piece of furniture. When you have a plan and a budget in mind you can get things done faster because you are more focused. 

{You both have children - as mothers how do you balance family and work? What tips do you have for other mommas trying to balance it all?}

Balance? What is that? No, in all seriousness we both juggle a lot in one day. We have been known to take conference calls en route to school pick ups and are never without our blackberries. Wi-fi and late nights are what keep Project Nursery rockin'. BUT, we love it and are truly motivated by the support of our readers. They share fantastic design ideas and photos and we are really proud of how far Project Nursery has come.

{check out their FABulous contributors, Annette Tatum and Kim of The TomKat Studio} 
{What is up next for Project Nursery?}

2011 is going to be an exciting year for PN. We are launching a new photo gallery with a lot more bells and whistles. Also look out for some amazing giveaways, product reviews and design tips. 

{What are your favorite sites, blogs, must-read stops?}

I try not to read too many other design sites that focus on kids rooms so i can maintain my own originality. some of my current favorite sites are Brooklylimestone.com, pinkwallpaper.blogspot.com, perezhilton (guilty pleasure), nymag.com

{awesome giveaways! currently they are giving away a design consult & crib set, check it out here}

1. I'm always striving to be more organized. It's yet to happen but I love the idea of everything having its place.
2. Current favorite color - Kelly Green
3. I love coffee. It's my one true vice.
4. I make really good chicken enchiladas and they are actually healthy!
5. I've been wanting the Crisp Console table from Conran Shop for 3 years but just can't pull the trigger.
6. Melisa and I both went to UCLA.
7. I'm a GLEEK.
8. Favorite food besides chocolate is Chinese Chicken Salad.
9. I wish I had invented Silly Banz.
10. I really like interior design but my first love has to be fashion.

We are so thankful that Pam took the time to chat with us and 
we are beyond thrilled to share with you one of our favorite sites! 

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