Friday, June 25, 2010

"Swarming" at Ms. Suzanne's House & Her Super Scraproom

I had a wonderful day yesterday.  I spent most of the day with six of my favorite people at our friend Suzanne's house.  Suzanne hosted a "swarm" for our cricutting friends.  It is really easy for this group - we have gotten together so frequently that we have the "bring a dish" food down to a easy pattern, we know who brings the cricuts, laptops, etc.  We had two expressions going yesterday along with computers loaded with Cricut Design Studio. 

MFK (my friend Kathy) and I managed to miss the photos... Not sure what happened there... But I did manage to get everyone else in a photo.  Maybe Kathy and I were too busy scrapping more of the Vegas trip??  Okay that's our story.

I really need to share Suzanne's scraproom with you.  She has a space that we all covet; so organized and well stocked!

Suzanne and Casey at desk 1:

Moving around the room clockwise:

And again to the right, in the closet:

Also in the closet, both sides have built-in shelves:

On the next wall is desk 2:

Teaching Casey to use the Cricut:

We had a lot of chatting and scrapping happening.   Pictured here is Toby getting some much needed R&R:

And here is Beth: 

And finally (since Kathy & I avoided being photographed) are Pat and Suzanne:

I am sooooo lucky to have these wonderful friends.  And I soooo enjoy my time with them.  Suzanne, thank you for hosting!!!

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