Tuesday, June 23, 2009


hula hulaa.. i am backk. hahaaa.
i am very very veryy sorry that i have been ignoring my blog for about a month now.
i was on vacation at my hometown, jakarta.. & i was enjoying my time so much i didn't want to get online.
i am sorry ya'll.. hikss hiksss.

i will keep up with a lot of things, for starter i wanna posted some awards that have given to me by all my lovely bloggers friends.. xD

my 8th award from miss weefee, she's such a cutiee.. haha thank you so muchh girlie..

soo in this award i'm just suppose to tag to 3 of my fav blogs.
since all of YOU are my fav blog ever, so everybody please take itt. i'd be honour. thankss.

my 9th award from Jessi.. she is a big fan of hannah montana & jobros i think, because her music always playing the songs from them. xD

the rules is just the same as before, i just have to tagg it to peoples..
take itt againn okkkiee.. ANY of YOU!
i'd be happy ~ tnxx.

my 10th award from Thia, a lovaalayy girl.. makasii..

the rules is that i'm suppose to explained why do i choose to blog..
well, blogging for me is a tool for expression, diaries, reminders, sharing place, making friends & also a big opportunity to show off your talent.. in a good way of course. xD
so yeaa.. that's my reason why i choose to blog.

i'd like to tagg itt to any of YOU, again.. take itt pleasee ~

love.love ♥♥

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