Saturday, November 15, 2008

Worldly Goods {Part 1}

As things draw to a close on Map Week, I'm bringing you some map-inspired pieces for your life and your home. I've found too many goodies to fit in one post, so make sure you check back later for Part 2!

This first item comes to us from Amsterdam. Wouldn't it be lovely to own this vintage, pull-down map of Eastern Europe?

Juffrouw Splinter Curiosia (thanks to Pia for sharing this favorite of hers!)

Oh, how I love the idea of these "Stitching Postcards." The card is sold with a needle and thread so you can indicate routes you've taken or places you've been.

I'd love to send one to a far-away friend following a weekend visit, or when E was deployed, I would've loved to send one to him, marking the distance between us with a threaded line!

Here is another group of postcards, but this set of 20 is made from a replica of an 18th-century map of London.

A map paperweight may give you a daily escape or reminder of a place you'd like to be.

Carolina Cottage

The card below is one of many map-inspired products available through UK-based Esty shop Bombus (I had seen their shop before, but Tina at Luphia Design Blog was so sweet to remind me about their map-related work this week! She posted on Bombus earlier this fall and shows a wonderful selection of their work in her post.)

Cavallini & Co. can always be counted on for their beautiful products, and this calendar of vintage world maps certainly appears to continue that legacy.

You can find another vintage map for your walls here.

For an incredible selection of world, country, state, and even city maps, you must check out this company.

Instead of using one large or multiple small maps to paper your walls, you might chose a map-printed wallpaper instead. Ralph Lauren has a large selection of map-themed wallpapers including this, this, this, and this.

Lastly, if you need any help reading the small-print on maps, this would be a great choice.

Stay tuned for Part 2; it is filled with map-inspired pieces specifically for the home!

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