Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moments {of Laughter}

When I look back on my wedding photos, some of my favorites are those capturing moments of laughter. One such photo was snapped by a groomsman, and while it is not professional quality, I love it as much as those shot by our wedding photographer! The groomsman happened to catch my husband and I laughing- a mouth-agape, eyes-closed, hysterical type of laughter- during our Best Man's amazing and hilarious speech.

The purpose of wedding photography is to document these moments. To preserve them for long after the last guest has left town, the last thank-you note has been written, and for when the details start to fade away to a distance memory.

A photographer will catch the moment the bride and groom first see each other, when they share their first dance, and perhaps when they make their getaway. They will also capture all the minutes in-between.

I often find myself saving images of the same unbridled laughter I experienced at my own wedding. I recently realized that this collection has grown quite large! Over the coming Wedding Wednesdays, I will be sharing these beautiful images with you with you in a series I call "Moments."

When I look back on my wedding and the photos from that day, I will remember that our Best Man gave the most amazing speech I've ever heard at a wedding. I will remember the sound of the room exploding in laughter and barely being able to catch my breath from laughing so hard. I may not remember all the words that were spoken, but I will remember stealing glances at my husband and he at me. I will remember us wiping tears from our eyes, tears born of joy and laughter. I will remember all of that simply from one photo.

I hope you enjoy Part 1 in this series. Because really, when someone else is laughing with gusto, isn't it hard to not find that laughter completely infectious?

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