Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More From the Weekend and Next Weekend's Plans

So you know, I was thinking on the way home today and it suddenly hit me (insert light bulb here): I am going to be home alone this weekend! Dh is taking ds to see my MIL in Chattanooga, then on the way home early next week, they plan to stop in to visit ds's college for next year. Next week is spring break so the timing is perfect for the guys. But due to poor planning on my part, I have to work next week.

And as I pondered a weekend alone, I suddenly realized that my scrapping girlfriends might be around. And even if they have some plans, surely they may have a few hours to spend relaxing and scrapping!!! So I plan to make the most of my bad planning/unfortunate timing!

Now, on to last weekend. I gave you a sneak peek at three cards, so here are 3 more. I still have to photograph my layouts or I would have posted those. And by the way, if you know our mothers, please DO NOT mention that their cards are posted here....!!! Thanks!

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