Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I love that the items at Wisteria look so carefully cultivated; they always carry pieces that would lend an eclectic and worldly appearance to a home. Some of the things that I am loving at Wisteria right now are...

French Industrial Coffee Table and Kuba Cloth Pillows
I love the combination of drawers and shelves on this coffee table, allowing you to both keep things on display and out of sight. And I love the casters, as if you can just imagine during a party, the table getting whisked away to make room for an impromptu dance floor. I also love the graphic Kuba Cloth pillows displayed on the sofa.
Here and Here

Red Rim Metal Wire Basket
I love wrapping gifts, most especially during the holidays, for which I excitedly choose a "theme" each year and then channel my inner Martha. I love gift wrap, ribbon, twine, raffia- anything that helps transform a parcel into something special. It's a love my husband does not understand, although tries to appreciate. I store my wrapping paper in an upright laundry hamper. Practical? Yes. Attractive? No. This basket would be perfect for my holiday wrapping station (yes, I refer to it as that...) and for so many things in a crafts room/office.

Strength of a Buffalo (small)
This faux-buffalo horn would be a nice addition for a bookshelf or mantle. It is also one of those pieces I am sure my husband would find equally as interesting as I do; it is slightly delicate, yet masculine at the same time.

Midnight in Morocco- short votives
Two years ago, I gave these votives to my sister-in-law for Christmas, and I still covet them for my own. They cast a beautiful glow when lit and would be the perfect addition to a wedding or party.

Orange Suzani Pillows
I think the burst of bold color these pillows provide would add a cheerfulness to any room.
Here, here, and here

Corkscrew Wine Jute Bags (set of 4)
These bags are a simple, yet interesting way to gift a bottle of wine. They seem like the perfect thing to keep on hand for whenever you have a hostess to thank.

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